Cash Sweepsatkes at Fresh Sweepstakes

Win cash in these cash sweepstakes:

  • Enter to win $10,000 and weekly cash prizes US only sweepstake
    Sign up with a simple one page submit for a chance at the grand prize draw $10.000 and weeklu cash prizes.
  • Win £20,000 Cash UK only sweepstake
    chance to win £2,000 in cash to spend however and on whatever you choose! So whether you want to invest that money in your savings, buy a new laptop, spruce up the house or simply blow it all on a big holiday, this prize means you won't be feeling the pinch like everyone else!
  • Free Lotto US only sweepstake
    Participate and you will receive a free account to Free Lotto where you could win millions of dollars.
  • Win $500, Drawn Daily! US only sweepstake
    Just submit your email in a sweepstake to win $500, drawn daily.
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